Who We Are

MUREAL is a boutique advisory firm focused on Business Immigration, Citizenship & Residence Permit by Investment and Real Estate Consultancy.

Drawing upon the depth of practical experience and knowledge accumulated over more than 10 years by its founder, Mr Dimitriou, MUREAL is able to offer meaningful independent advice and benefits to business persons.

In MUREAL we provide legal and reliable services in the arena of citizenship and residency by investment.

We help you achieve the plenty benefits of becoming a dual citizen. With over than 8 different citizenship and residency by investment programmes worldwide, we can offer to our clients the best and most reliable service.

The MUREAL has dealt with many VIP investors (High Profile, High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth) from around the globe. We understand their needs and concerns and we also understand the nature and confidentiality of any information we are party to.

It is our goal to provide our clients with a smooth and swift service based on trust and dependability.

MUREAL has five liaison offices ran through strategic partners in Athens, Lisbon, Barcelona, Nicosia and Valletta.

With advisors on the ground in these geographies and our strong relationships with the Governments and the Public Authorities, we are able to offer our clients the most efficient and cost-effective path to a brighter future.

MUREAL Consultants will examine and discuss with you of all of your needs and concerns, in all sectors of your life, in family / business / tax / social life / lifestyle / education, and will come with the best investment packages for a successful new life for you and your families.