Spain: Golden Visa Residency and Citizenship

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The procedure for foreign subjects wishing to obtain an investor’s visa in Spain is fully regulated by Law 14/13, which, in Art. 63 explicitly sets out all the requirements for obtaining the so-called “visados ​​por inversores”; these requirements principally consist of:

  1. Acquisition of State treasury bonds or government debts with a value equal to or greater than €2 million, and holding these for a duration of at least 5 years;

  2. Initial investment of €1 million or more in Spanish companies or in the purchase of shareholdings in Spanish companies;

  3. Initial investment of €1 million or more in listed shares or in bank deposits at Spanish financial institutions;

  4. Creation of a business project executed in Spain with a general interest, recognised by the State, through which it will be possible to create new jobs and development for the state;

  5. Purchase of one or more properties on Spanish territory for a value equal to or greater than €500,000

The granting of a residence visa for investors will be considered sufficient to reside and work in Spain; if the Golden Visa is granted on Spanish territory, the foreign national will be given an identity number for foreigners (NIE), which is fundamental for operating in Spain from a professional point of view.

The initial residence permit for investors in Spain will have a duration of two years, after which renewal may be requested, each time for the duration of a further 5 years; clearly the condition for obtaining renewal will be maintenance of the conditions that originally led to the benefit (Art. 67 Law 13/14).

The benefit can be extended to the investor’s family members through a family access visa.

Spanish citizenship can be requested after 10 years of regular residence on Spanish territory.

The general requirements for residence in Spain are governed by Art. 62 Law 13/14 or:

  1. Not being on Spanish territory as an irregular subject;

  1. Being over 18 years old;

  1. No criminal record in Spain and country of residence during the last 5 years;

  1. Having the income to reside in Spain during the period of residence as well as a health insurance policy.


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